How sweet it is

Tonight went well; I think we all acquitted ourselves nicely. The audience was a little slower to respond than Friday night’s, but they warmed up by the time the first act was over. I had several nice moments in the reception line after the play:

  • I had family in the audience tonight: my father and my sister. I discovered that my sister had brought along two of her friends – and you have to understand that the friends, like my sister, live two hours away in Perry County. My sister’s friends insisted on a photo and even asked me to autograph their programs!
  • An older woman using a cane (for real, not like me in the play pretending to have gout) and using a portable oxygen rig told me she enjoyed it – and that it was the first live play she’d ever seen. How cool is that?
  • A former co-worker of mine, Kay Rose, who is now a member of Shelbyville City Council, was there with her husband Harold. She told me that another council member, Jo Ann Holland, made a point of calling her this morning to tell her how funny last night’s performance was. Kay and Harold had to be in Nashville for something today but made a point of getting back in time to see the play.
  • One gentleman told me that the relationship between my character and David Butner’s reminded him of Jackie Gleason and Art Carney (no relation) in “The Honeymooners.” How sweet it is, as The Great One used to say.