Irish oatmeal

Did you see this New York Times blog post about the new oatmeal at McDonald’s?

Incredibly, the McDonald’s product contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger.)

I’m sorry to read this – I only had it once, but I liked it, and figured it was a healthy alternative.

Anyway, in much better oatmeal news, I posted a month ago about McCann’s quick-cooking version of steel-cut oats. I found it in canister form at one of our local stores. I can’t remember which one, and I immediately heard from others here in the county who’d looked for steel-cut oats to no avail.

The canister was almost empty, and I was at Walmart today, so I looked. I found the exact same product, McCann’s Quick & Easy Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, only in a 16-ounce box rather than the 24-ounce canister. (I bought a box and used it to refill my canister.) There are none of the chemicals that the NYT says are in the McDonald’s oatmeal; the box lists only one ingredient, 100% whole grain irish oats.

You can microwave the oats, but be sure and use a very deep bowl. I microwaved some of the oats at work this morning and it boiled over two different times, all over the microwave carousel.

I also bought a bag of some dried mixed berries; tomorrow, I’ll try adding them to the oatmeal as it cooks.

Roger Ebert is apparently a fan of McCann’s original, slow-cooking product, which can be cooked in Ebert’s beloved rice cooker.