Get your tickets now

I placed two different Amazon orders a while back — one on Nov. 29, the other on Dec. 1. Both got Super Saver Shipping. The original estimated delivery date on the first order was yesterday; the second order was estimated to arrive today. I was given USPS tracking numbers for both packages.

The first order started in Fernley, Nev., and was last seen in Hebron, Ky. (a suburb of Cincinnati). The second order started in Lexington, and it, too, was shown by Amazon as being in Hebron for the better part of the last week. Now, the second order is at a FedEx facility in Mississippi.

All of that information comes from tracking at the Amazon site; the USPS tracking numbers still indicate that USPS has never heard of the packages and knows nothing about them.

I think Amazon is just touring my packages around the country for the fun of it.

The second package contains Christmas gifts, and so as long as it gets here by Christmas it will be OK. But the first package, which is already a day late and seems to still be in Hebron, is a replacement reed plate for my C harmonica, along with a couple of paperbacks for me (with the excuse that adding the paperbacks took me to the $25 threshold for Super Save Shipping). I’m antsy to receive all of that stuff.

If the John I. Carney Package Tour passes through your area, be sure and get tickets so that you can give your regards to my stuff.