The Sheriff of Yrnameer

When my brother was in town a couple of weeks ago, he loaned me a book he thought I would enjoy.

I finished said book this evening, and he was absolutely right.

As my brother had suggested to me, the setting and tone of Michael Rubens’ “The Sheriff of Yrnameer” will be a little familiar to fans of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books, but I mean that as compliment, not accusation. Rubens’ book is original, an American answer to Adams rather than a pale imitation. It’s also loads of fun, the story of an intergalactic ne’er-do-well who ends up becoming a hero in spite of himself. There are sly references to everything from “The Wizard of Oz” to “Alien” to “High Noon” and its many imitations and parodies.

It’s a fun, breezy read.

I even like the jacket blurb:

A science fiction book your grandmother will love – if she’s a lustful, violent lady. – Stephen Colbert