That great smokehouse in the sky

I posted a link to a video of Sir Cecil Creape earlier on Facebook, and in the process of doing that I ran across some blooper tapes from Nashville TV in that same era. Here’s Pat Sajak, in his weatherman days, with the late Dan Miller:


It wasn’t the only time Dan got tickled. Several minutes into this next video, you’ll see Dan with Huell Howser, doing a followup to one of Huell’s human interest stories, this one about a pig:


This one begins with a brief clip of a very young Chris Clark, but most of it is taken up by an announcer for the “Carl Tipton Show,” who can’t make it through a live ad.


Sajak, by the way, mentions his radio show on WSM-AM. I once won a Polaroid camera from him on that show. During those days, WSM – the traditional, clear-channel home of the Grand Ole Opry – played country music at night but adult contemporary pop during the day! The two different formats were buffered in the morning by Teddy Bart’s live “Waking Crew” show, and in the afternoon by an hour of news at 5 p.m.

2 thoughts on “That great smokehouse in the sky

  1. Good morning John!! Thank you for sharing the film clips~~however there is a mistake on the last one. The announcer on the Carl Tipton Show is not Chris Clark~~he is the late John T. McCreery, III. a very dear friend of ours. If you listen closely you will hear his name called, “John” several times by those who are prompting him. I can’t wait to share this with his widow, a very precious friend of mine!! Thanks again!

  2. I believe you misread me. I said that the YouTube clip began with a clip of Chris Clark but that most of it was taken up by the other fellow. I did not say the announcer was Chris Clark.

    Anyway, thanks very much for adding the information about the gentleman’s name. That’s great to know. Did anyone else think he looks a little like Bob Newhart?

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