Shelbyville video coming down

My co-worker David Melson alerted me to this in a blog entry at the Times-Gazette web site. For a 1969 episode of “The Johnny Cash Show,” a legendary showcase for both country and rock musicians, Johnny Cash performed his song “Sunday Morning Coming Down” accompanied by a little snippet of film showing a drifter wandering the streets — think of it as a music video long before music videos existed.

What blew my mind is that this snippet of film was shot in downtown Shelbyville. You can easily recognize the east side of the square. The Dixie Hotel, which was torn down in the 1970s just a few years after our family moved here in 1972, is also clearly shown, along with other locations you can read about in David’s blog post.

This clip includes several songs, so you have to wait a bit for “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” It starts at about the 3:20 mark: