2 thoughts on “Huge storms always happen

  1. Juche is not just an ideology, it is a religion in which both Kim Jung Il and Kim Il Sung function as divinities. That's not just a metaphor – as in “people who are patriotic are idolaters.” Juche has a an explicitly religious mythology – you see some of it here. It also has a cult. Koreans have to keep a portrait of Kim in their homes to which they should bow daily. Inspectors check from time to time to make sure the shrine is properly maintained.

    To those of us who don't have to live under him, he's a comic buffoon. Unfortunately, for millions of North Koreans, he isn't not so funny. Thank God, the United Nations used force to stop his father from enslaving the entire peninsula.

  2. Thanks for that insight. I still laugh at the clip, but I'll also think
    twice about the more serious aspects of the situation.

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