Another great day for America, everybody

Craig Ferguson, who stayed above the fray in the recent late-night wars and who is making more and more of a name for himself, had a hum-dinger of a show Tuesday night. I went to bed early with my cold, of course, but I recorded it on the DVR and watched the first half this morning while getting ready for work.

Craig gave a nod to Tom Snyder, who once occupied that time slot and the “Late Late Show” name, by doing a single-guest show without a monologue or a studio audience. The guest was one of Ferguson’s old friends, actor and writer Stephen Fry. (Why, oh why, won’t someone re-run the old “Jeeves and Wooster” episodes featuring Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster and Stephen Fry as Jeeves?) Judging from the part I’ve seen, it was a great, intelligent conversation, not a five-minute plug for some upcoming movie or TV episode.

This critic at Huffington Post (hat tip to Newscoma) seems to agree, and the program also got a nice mention from Mark Evanier.

I don’t want to see Craig adopt this format full-time — and I don’t think that’s the idea. (I’d hate to see him give up the silly skits and the monologue, neither of which was a part of Tuesday night’s show.) But I hope he does it again, regularly, when he has an appropriate guest.

The clips don’t seem to be up on Craig’s site yet, but I’ll try to embed them once I find them.

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