Two birds, one stone

Last night, instead of rehearsing the play on-set with blocking, we did a table read of the play so that our director, John Jones, could make CDs for us to use learning our lines. I just brought my own digital recorder; John’s CDs will include the entire play, but by recording my own I could get just my three scenes.

I’ve burned a CD and also put the files on my MP3 player.

Just now, I took a walk around the neighborhood and listened to my lines while doing so. It was a good way to do two things I need to do more frequently, at the same time. My normal walking route was almost long enough to get in my three scenes.

I have said several times this week that I don’t seem to be making much traction learning the lines. I’m hoping that maybe they will start to come together this week. We open in a little more than a month.