A mighty sky


I had gone to Thursday night auditions, and we were waiting for someone to unlock the door of the Fly Arts Center. It wasn’t raining where director John Jones and I were standing, but there was plenty of lightning to the north. I took out my little point-and-shoot camera and my tripod, set the camera on fireworks mode, and pointed it in the general direction of the lightning. I started hitting the shutter button over and over again. By the time I had everything set up, the lightning had slowed down a bit, but I kept at it. John pointed out that the lightning was starting to move east, so I swung the camera a little bit to the right.

I must have taken several dozen shots. When I first flipped through them, I zipped past this one somehow and thought I had washed out. Luckily, I took a second look. I am really proud of this photo, and my co-workers have been very complimentary. It’s on today’s front page. (You can order prints or other folderol by clicking on the image above, or at the T-G site.)