Drama update

I am in the process of auditioning for a play here in Shelbyville. The director, with whom I’ve worked in the past, asked me Sunday night to audition after low turnout for the first auditions on Sunday afternoon. So I went and read for the part tonight. I think it went well, although we won’t know anything for sure until after another audition session on Thursday night.

The play is “Come Blow Your Horn,” which was Neil Simon’s very first. Like many of Neil Simon’s plays, it was made into a movie — in this case, starring Frank Sinatra in the lead role. I am trying out for the role of the lead character’s father. He was played by Lee J. Cobb in the movie (even though Cobb, in real life, was only a few years older than Sinatra).

The play is about two brothers — Alan, the older brother, is a playboy who eventually starts to think about possibly settling down, and Buddy, the younger brother, wants to move out of the parents’ house and into Alan’s apartment so that he can emulate Alan’s swinging bachelor lifestyle.

The father is exasperated with both of them, especially since their partying keeps them from doing their jobs in the family business. He’s a little like the last role I played on stage, the grouchy boss in “Enter Laughing.” Sure enough, the director saw me in that play, which was part of the reason he asked me to try out for this one.

This would be my first play here in Shelbyville; all five of my previous community theater appearances were down the road in Tullahoma. I’ve wanted to do a play here in town since the community theater group started up here a few years ago, but the parts never fell into place.

I’ll let you know what happens when I know more.