Repeating yourself

I tend to be an apologist for “Saturday Night Live,” and there have been seasons that everyone else thought were cruddy in which I still found some enjoyment. It’s surely not easy to produce 90 minutes of live topical comedy every week, and it’s very easy to romanticize past seasons (from which we remember the highlights, not the low points) in comparison to the current season.

But the fact of the matter is, this has been a pretty crappy season so far. Tonight, they’ve had, within the space of a half hour, two skits with nearly the exact same premise — an ostensibly-serious talk show interrupted by silly musical numbers. And the first such skit, “What Up With That,” was a recurring skit.

In between the two talk shows was a skit about an over-affectionate family which was funny the first time they did it, a season or two ago, but which is completely redundant as a remake. The “Lawrence Welk Show” parody in the cold open was another one-joke skit that’s been brought back too many times.

“Weekend Update” is just about the only reason to watch SNL at all this year. I think they have some talented performers in the cast this year; it’s the writing that stinks. I think a house-cleaning is in order.