Price hike

Well, we have good news and bad news about “Soapstone,” my self-published novel.

The good news is that CreateSpace, the Amazon-owned publish-on-demand company through which I self-published the novel, now offers expanded distribution, meaning that for the first time the book can be offered by independent bookstores, libraries, and online book sites other than Amazon.

Because my book is already set up under CreateSpace’s “pro” plan, this expanded distribution doesn’t cost me anything.

But the bad news is that the profit margin on these new markets is low. Very low. So, reluctantly, I have increased the online price of the novel from $11.95 to $12.95, and even that gives me a very small amount per copy when sold through any of these new markets.

The nice thing is that when I order copies to sell in person, I will still be able to get them at the same price as in the past, and so I think I will keep selling in-person copies at the old price.

Speaking of libraries, the book has already been available for many months at the library here in Shelbyville, to which I donated a copy.