I went to see my friend and co-worker Rev. Doug Dezotell this afternoon in the hospital.

Doug had bypass surgery week before last at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville. He was in the hospital a few days, then went home, then had some complications and went into Harton Regional Medical Center in Tullahoma, where his wife Lynn works.

I think he’s doing better, but he was wheezing and short of breath today. He’s in good spirits, although I think he’s bored out of his skull and I have heard he gets bored during the day when there aren’t as many visitors.

Doug used to work full-time as a reporter but became our part-time news clerk a year ago when he agreed to be assigned to Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church as pastor.

I preached for Doug the week before and the week after his surgery. My father took the following week, thinking he would officiate at communion, but the church ended up postponing communion because the member who usually sets it up was out of town. A couple of the church members recruited a friend of theirs for last Sunday and next. I may end up back in the pulpit there at some point before Doug is ready to preach again, but I have nothing scheduled.

Please keep Doug in your prayers. He’s a terrific guy.