The author, outdoors منتدى الاسهم السعودية اليوم مباشر افضل شركات الفوريكس The bad news is that six of them were bought by Gail Drake, the proprietor, and the seventh was bought by one of her employees. forex bank öppettider gränby centrum Even so, I did better than my hometown book signing, where I sold only five. 🙂 revenu quebec forex Gail bought several copies to send to various supporters of LEAMIS. It was a beautiful day, and so Gail had me set up right outside the store, across from a LEAMIS display. There are a lot worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, believe me.
My co-worker Mary Reeves and her son Benjamin, who plays the lead in “Enter Laughing” (I play his grouchy boss) stopped by along with Mary’s youngest son, Buzz. No, they didn’t make the drive from Coffee County just to see me; they occasionally spend the weekend on some property in the Monteagle area.
Things have slowed down some with the book. I haven’t sold a single one online this month. New Covenant has sold out of the five copies I left them after the Shelbyville book signing, so I’ll be taking them my last two copies tomorrow. But at least two of the copies sold by New Covenant were bought by … my father. (“You know, you can get them from me,” I told him.)
I need to do something else to promote the book, but I’m not sure what.

انتهى الاكتتاب في اسهم اسمنت ام القرى

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كيف اقدر اشتري وابيع اسهم John Carney is a journalist, a certified United Methodist lay speaker, a veteran of foreign and domestic short-term mission trips, and author of a self-published novel, Soapstone. شركة ادميرال ماركتس