How’s your old man?

It’s been a busy and stressful week at work, and my busy schedule has been catching up with me.

I was in good mood when I got to rehearsal tonight, but my first set of notes from the director put me in a grouchy mood, and I started to feel really tired, even groggy. I’ve gotten up at a different time virtually every day since the time change, and I still don’t think I’ve adapted. I sat morose through much of the rest of rehearsal, when I wasn’t on stage myself.

Happily, I was (mostly) off-book tonight, and my big final speech got good notes from the director.

The lead role is played by the teenage son of one of my co-workers, and since his normal ride couldn’t be there tonight I’d told Mary today at work that I would take him home. As we drove, he asked me if I preferred for him to call me “Mr. Carney” or “John.” I told him “John,” especially since we were working together on the play. But I feel like an old man tonight.

I am ready for the weekend. I will have to work in the kitchen at church Saturday night, for our annual candlelight steak dinner. That will be busy, of course, but fun. I also have to work a little bit more on some of my lines. But I should be able to relax some this weekend as well, and I sure need it.