Pig on the mountain

For many years, Mountain T.O.P. has had a party or gathering in early January. The main purpose of it is to serve as a reunion for people who have served on the ministry’s summer staff, but invitations go out to a variety of groups — current and former board members, recent campers from our adult ministry, and so on. The event used to be in Nashville back when the ministry’s offices were in Nashville, but now it’s held at Mountain T.O.P.’s base camp and headquarters, Cumberland Pines, in Grundy County.

This year, Andy Borders from my church — one of the best cooks I know, and a big Mountain T.O.P. supporter — was asked to do a pig roast. Andy’s never roasted a whole pig before, but I can guarantee you it will be delicious.

I thought I was going to have to miss the gathering, but my work schedule changed and I’m able to go after all. Edna Lee, Andy’s wife, called me yesterday. Andy went up to the Mountain on Friday to get things started, and Edna Lee will be joining him today. She asked if I wanted to ride with her (and ride back with Andy, whom she suspects will be quite tired by the end of the evening and who will be pulling a trailer).

I’m hoping that my books arrive in the mail today so that I can take them with me to the event, in case any of my Mountain T.O.P. friends is interested in one. (I may even wear my “Ask Me About My Novel” button.)

Should be a fun evening. Then, after we return to Shelbyville, both Andy and I will have to get up early Sunday morning to cook men’s club breakfast at church.