Book signing

I don’t plan any book signings until after the first of the year, because I don’t have a supply of books to take with me.

But that’s OK, because another member of the family is taking up the book-signing slack. My nephew Jacob Tucker, a high school student and multi-sport star athlete, had two poems published in Writers ‘Round Here, an anthology of Perry County writers, and I was just told that they had a local book-signing this week.

Jacob is really an incredible young man. His mother held him back a year to start kindergarten, so he’s older than many of his classmates, but even so he was the starting quarterback for the football team this year — as a freshman. In the Buffalo River Review, week before last, the photo of the boys’ high school basketball game featured Jacob, while the photo of the girls’ game on the same page featured his older sister Jacey. (They also have a younger sister, Jessa Mae, who’s very special to me.)

I haven’t read Jacob’s poems yet, but my parents have the book and I’m going to look at it the next time I’m over there.