First day

Emotionally, I felt at times like I wasn’t contributing enough at the job site today — but I sure am tired this evening.

We were working on a very small trailer, and at times there just wasn’t enough room for everyone to be inside and busy. Early in the morning I took it upon myself to cut the linoleum for the bathroom, and I spent several hours after that worried that it would be wrong — and we know Mountain T.O.P. is trying to make the best use of materials this time of year, and another job site was waiting on the other half of our sheet of linoleum. Happily, it all worked out. I was very pleased.

Unfortunately, not everything in the bathroom was as successful. We had trouble re-connecting the3 sinks, and with a bad leak right at the time we had to leave we had no choice but to leave the water off at the job site. The woman for whom we were working was fine with that, but her son, not so much.

We had to rush back to camp, and I was scheduled to host a table for dinner tonight. I didn’t have time to shower before dinner– I just changed T-shirts and hoped I didn’t offend my guests too much.

Gail Drake and Frank Schroer were visitors at dinner tonight, and it was nice catching up with them. I sat next to Frank at dinner.