Ice cream serendipity

Although there’s food in the press box at the Celebration, I often like to stretch my legs and pick up something from one of the civic club food booths. Tonight, I wanted ice cream, and one of my old high school classmates was working outside the noon Rotary booth.

The trouble is, today was payday, and I hadn’t had a chance to run by an ATM. I had exactly $2 in my wallet, and the ice cream bar was $3. I sheepishly had to turn it down.

I walked around a bit, and decided to see how much ice cream was at the Civitan booth. A small ice cream was $2; I ordered peach.

If that was the “small” serving, I would not have wanted the large one. It was plenty, and it was delicious. With all due respect to my many friends in noon Rotary, I think the peach ice cream ended up being a lot better than the chocolate-covered Hagen Dazs bar I couldn’t afford.