Freezer envy

I’ve had a small tabletop ice cream freezer for several years now — the kind which requires you to freeze a liner rather than using ice and salt. It’s not bad, but sometimes I have trouble getting just the right consistency with it.

Yesterday, I used it to make two batches of blueberry ice cream to take to our church chicken dinner today. I don’t know if it was the recipe, the freezer or the operator, but the ice cream was a little too hard and had to be scraped, rather than scooped, out of its container after sitting in the freezer overnight.

I want a new ice cream freezer. What I really want is a big Cuisinart model which is a larger version of what I already have — I think working with a slightly larger quantity of ice cream would actually be helpful, in this case — but I even thought yesterday about buying an old-fashioned ice-and-salt model (electric — I’m not quite that old-fashioned). Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a single ice cream maker, of any sort, at Wal-Mart yesterday, even after asking two different employees for help.

I probably won’t end up doing anything — I don’t need to spend the $50 for the Cuisinart right now.