Stations of the Cross

I’ve been putting embedded video after the jump lately, but this is a little different, so I’m going to leave it here on the front page.

We’re going to start featuring local video soon on the T-G web site. Our publisher bought a camera this week, and this was our first experiment — my first time ever editing in iMovie (or any other computer video editing program).

I have covered the Stations of the Cross ever since we’ve had one in Shelbyville, and last year I even did one of the readings. Unfortunately, this year I was trying to cover it with both still and video cameras, and so I wasn’t able to be in the moment as much as I usually am for this event.

The video was taken with a little $150 Flip video camera, which is shirt pocket-sized and a cinch to operate. I may have to use part of my stimulus payment to buy one of these for the Costa Rica trip.