I wish we’d all been ready

I agree 110 percent with Gavin in being troubled by our occasional obsession with the rapture. As a Christian, I think it’s imperative for me to make every moment count, to live as if Jesus were coming back at any moment. He could be here tomorrow, or we could have another 100,000 years. But it’s not necessary or desirable — or possible, for that matter — to figure out in advance God’s plan for the end times, and anyone who tells you they know exactly how or when it’s going to happen is selling you a bill of goods. There are some Bible scholars who claim that the book of Revelation, on which much of this speculation is based, isn’t even supposed to be about the end times, but rather was John’s attempt to write a symbolic message about the occupying Roman forces while he was in exile.

I’m constantly amazed that some of the same people who were absolutely sure they had end-times symbolism all figured out in the 1970s — and were proven completely wrong by the breakup of the Soviet Union — are still making a living peddling their latest versions.

Anyway, Gavin linked to this, which absolutely made my day: