AIM cookout

"Uncle" Ben Neal

Originally uploaded by jicarney.

One of this summer’s Mountain T.O.P. AIM weeks took place right before my Bolivia trip, and the other one is taking place this week. Even if I had the vacation days, and I’m not sure I do, I could not have been gone from work for three weeks straight. So I had to miss AIM for the third time in four years.

I did, however, drive up for the traditional Wednesday cookout tonight. It was fun connecting with old friends and checking up on my fellow First UMC members Andy and Edna Lee Borders, who are in camp this week. I had my camera with me but kept forgetting to use it — this was actually the only photo I took. I include it here for the benefit of Laura at Fixin’ Supper, who will recognize this gentleman immediately. At this point, “Uncle Ben” Neal was doing his Archie Campbell-inspired spoonerism routine for the camp community.

I did not realize that Gail Drake, the former longtime AIM director, had been invited to give the devotion tonight. Now, of course, Gail is the co-founder of an outfit called LEAMIS with which I took a trip recently. (Perhaps you heard about it.) Amusingly, Gail and Debra have been running in different directions and haven’t actually seen each other face-to-face since the trip. I think it’s funny that I’ve seen Gail, but Debra — with whom she shares an address — hasn’t!