Send more soap

It was in February that I first ordered and began using Charlie’s Soap laundry powder. My softball-sized bag has lasted this long, since you only use a tablespoon per load of laundry. Actually, I could probably have gotten a few weeks more had I not dropped the bag and spilled some early on. (My advice is to transfer the powder out of the brown paper packaging in which it’s sold.)

I have no connection with this product or anyone who makes or sells it and do not benefit from saying anything about it. I just think it’s good stuff. It’s a good, basic laundry cleaner, without fragrance or a lot of other additives, for a very reasonable price (when you compare it load-for-load). The package says it cleans everything “from silk frillies to shop rags.”

I have not tried their household cleaner, but others who have tell me it’s good. They also make a liquid version of the laundry detergent.

I have maybe two or three tablespoons left in the plastic zip-bag, and I’ve ordered a new supply. It’s only $12, which includes shipping, for an 80-washload bag.

Good stuff.