Summer opening

I had a wonderful time today at Mountain T.O.P. summer opening. I knew I’d be helping out hosting a table for lunch, but I didn’t figure they would put Sharon to work too! She didn’t seem to mind, though.

Opening is the first day of training for the lion’s share of the 45 or so summer staff people who will be running Mountain T.O.P.’s youth and adult camps this summer. Board members attend the opening lunch and worship service to show our support. It’s also fun to meet the talented and enthusiastic young people, most of them college-age, who will be working so long and hard this summer.

The visit to Cumberland Pines was a teensy bit melancholy — I kept pointing out to Sharon various locations which are used in the Kaleidoscope program, which kept reminding me that — for the first time since 1993 — I won’t get to participate in Kaleidoscope, or any other part of AIM, this summer, due to vacation schedules and my upcoming Kenya trip. I will be back next summer.

I will get to do some Wednesday evening visits to our youth ministry camps this summer, and hopefully the camp staffs will remember meeting me today.

One funny side note — I’m secretary of the Mountain T.O.P. board, but our board chair, Rich Campbell, blanked out on my name when he was making introductions to the group today! I don’t plan to let Rich live this down any time soon ….